Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . Customer Service Rocked

One of the biggest complaints in the U.S. today is customer service. Many people report feeling as if companies stop caring about them the minute they fork over money for a product or service and sometimes even before that. The complaints range from not being able to reach a human to a complete lack of knowledge and empowerment of employees and agents of the companies.

Now, image what life would be like if customer service rocked. It would be a wonderful experience from the minute you started researching that great new product that you want to buy. The website would respond quickly and provide complete information including illustrations, dimensions, warranty, and more. Then you would have the option to click a button and order it immediately or go to the local dealer, whose name, address, and business hours along with stock would be provided on-line.

Whether buying on-line or in person, knowledgeable staff would be available to assist you, including making sure you purchase the right product for you even if that means not selling you the most expensive model. The transaction itself would go smoothly and in a flash the product would be yours.

Once you get the product, any installation would be minimal with easy to understand instructions. Of course, there would be the hotline and on-line information available if you come across a glitch.

From there on out, the product would work like a charm providing all the advertised capability without having to download more software or buy additional third-party products. Should something go wrong (which would almost never happen), you always have the on-line information and the hotline to knowledgeable staff that can easily understand your level of knowledge of the product and provide the appropriate level of assistance. These staff members are also empowered to care for you. This means that if for some reason the product has a defect, the staff can handle getting you a replacement or returning your money.

In this dream, customer service started when the company was set up. The values and goals were designed around the customer and the employees rather than squeezing every dollar out of the business. The interesting thing is that a company like this would be worth its weight in gold. Some people would go elsewhere because the product would likely cost a dollar or two more, but so many others would flock to the company and become not only customers for life, but also an extension of the marketing department.

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