Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . You had only one day to live

We go through life working, paying bills, and thinking we are required to do certain activities.  Each person’s story is a bit different.  Still, most are similar in nature. We are doing what we believe is important. Yet, often later in life or near the end of their life, people express regret for the way they spent their time when they were younger.

Is it that we drive our day to day activities based on what is really important to us or rather what we think SHOULD be important? If you had only one day to live, would you have the same priorities?

Looking at your priorities on the last day of your life often gives a glimpse into what is really important. With one day to live, you would likely spend it with loved ones, eat what you enjoy, and do activities that you love.  A woman who loves to ski might go skiing with her family and then have a wonderful dinner afterward.  Meanwhile, the man who loves to fish might go fishing with his best buddy and spend the entire day on a boat.

Granted, if you had only one day to live, you wouldn’t have to worry about long-term finances, your health, and other factors that are a part of real life.  However, few people would go work an extra day to leave a few more dollars for the family unless, of course, the family was really struggling and that was the best gift the person could give the them.  Likewise, most would skip out on committee meetings and other “obligations” because these things aren’t the most important things to us. Yet, we treat them as if they are of utmost importance.

Once you sort out what is most important to you, you can back up and ask what you would do with a week to live, a year to live, five years, etc.  This process allows you to put what is most important in the forefront and work backward toward the least important.  You may even find yourself shedding a few “obligations” along the way!


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