Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . We all still drove horses and buggies

If we still traveled by horse and buggy, we would could still complain about the crazy drivers and people speeding or going too slow. We also would have Mother Nature’s heating and air conditioning.  There would be no seat belts or built in charging station for your phone.  These are conveniences that we think we can’t live without, but they are relatively minor compared to other differences between the world of cars and the world of horses and buggies.

Our entire society structure would be different.  Small towns would thrive while large cities would have difficulty as people wouldn’t work 15, 30, or 60 miles away from home if they had to take a horse and buggy to and from work.  Of course, there is also the issue of “parking” your horse, refueling, and waste disposal.

Long weekends and vacations would have a different feel as you wouldn’t pack the family up in the buggy and head out across the country for a few days.  Again, everything would be centered close to one locality.  A cross-country trip would take months instead of a few days.

Trips of even a few miles would give plenty of time for reflection and daydreaming as the amount of attention required to stay on the road at a trot is far less than at 75 miles per hour and you probably won’t have to worry about the horse and buggy ahead of you stopping in their tracks. However, rain and snow would present unique hazards.  Your buggy might not be as likely to slide into another buggy, but there wouldn’t be a lot of protection from the elements.  Likewise, when the sun was shining you might want to load up on sunscreen.

Life would be different in many ways.  Some we might like and others I imagine most people would rather pass on. So, next time you are speeding down the highway, enjoying your air conditioning, charging your iphone with the USB ports, and screaming at the crazy driver that just zipped passed you doing 85 consider being grateful instead. After all, you have a car.

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