Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . Everyone was perfect

Since every person has a view of perfection, for everyone to be perfect in the view of everyone else, people would be very much alike.  Therefore, the perfect person would have to have all talents and do all things with just the right emphasis on each thing.  It would be like the Stepford Wives taken up a few notches.

Life would be idyllic . . . or . . . would it be?  It might be “perfect,” but yet it would be boring and lack variety.   Perhaps if life were that way, we wouldn’t know any better and would think it was fine.  However, we would be missing out on diversity of thought and the opportunity to grow.

This is why companies should always look to hire staff that have a variety of perspectives.  Often the focus is on hiring people with a very specific background that perfectly matches the hiring manager’s perspective of the job.  Sometimes companies spend months searching for someone who is a “perfect” fit.

In the end, does the company get the most benefit by spending months finding the “perfect” person or would they have actually gotten more by hiring someone who had a different experience and a different perspective?  Hiring managers do need to look for people that have strong qualifications.  However, hiring someone who is just like them or just like the last person who was in the job robs the company of the opportunity to learn and grow.

Having a staff with diverse knowledge and experiences may not be seen as perfect because managers and employees alike may find their ideas and plans challenged.  It is much easier if everyone is thinking the same thing or simply following the manager.  However, it much better for the company if everyone’s experience is leveraged to create services and products that go beyond one idea or perspective.

Therefore, perceived imperfection can actually lead to something greater.

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