Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . Everything you believe to be true is actually false

It may seem ridiculous to challenge every single belief that you have.  However, for the moment, assume that everything you believed  to be true one minute ago is wrong.  What would that mean for you?  What would you be open to now that you weren’t before?  Likewise, what things were you open to before that you would now adamantly oppose?

Take a few minutes and jot down your views on a few subject areas. Consider the following areas:  religion/spirituality/faith, family, politics, equality, science/medicine, health, advocacy, and success.  Feel free to add other categories of your own.  Once you have a list of your views, write down the opposite of each belief as a statement without demonizing it.  Then,  consider how things would be different if each of the opposite statements were true.

For instance, if you currently believe that people of all cultures, religions, races, etc. are not equal, consider what it means if they actually are equal.  What changes for you?  How do you behave differently towards other people?  Are there things you would stop doing?  Start doing?  What would be better?  What would be worse?

It is important to consider the opposite with an open heart and an open mind.  If you simply determine that the opposite view is simply horrible and wrong, you won’t have gained anything.  However, if you can objectively consider the good and the bad, you may come to better understand people with other points of view.  You might even find your own perspective beginning to transform.

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