Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . You Could Look Below the Surface

The sun sparkles off the calm, still water. Under the surface, however, is an underwater jungle. Fish and other animal life move about unaware of the stillness on the surface. Foliage waves and bends in a dance with the water. Under the water living things fulfill the circle of life. Fish eat the plants, other fish, and other organisms in the water. Occasionally, a living creature breaches the surface exposing itself to any observer.

As you interact with people throughout the day, you may see a veneer of calmness like a calm lake. You don’t know, however, what inner jungle that person is experiencing or has experienced. On occasion, you may catch a glimpse of an emotion as it surfaces when triggered by an external event.

The action or emotion may seem too strong or incorrect for the apparent trigger.  However, the real cause of the reaction lies beneath the facade unknown to observers and in some cases even unknown to the person.  Fear, anger, and painful memories may all be suppressed. You simply can’t judge a person’s reaction to something because you may have no understanding of the underlying  trigger.

Breaking the surface can be delicate and certainly can cause quite a ripple effect. Reserve judgment on those people who may momentarily have a lapse and expose his/her inner turmoil. Someday it may be you who when exposed to a trigger exposes your hidden jungle.

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