Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine if . . . You never attached yourself to any inanimate objects

Often objects are held onto simply because of an attachment to that object.  Perhaps it holds good memories of the past or you simply can’t bring yourself to part with it because of the money spent on it or some other reason.  Attachments to objects tend to clutter your life.  However, when you have no attachment to objects, you can freely discard items without resistance when they no longer serve you.

For example, you might be keeping an old pair of roller blades you used to play roller hockey in high school.  They don’t even fit now, but you can’t seem to get rid of them. Ask yourself if there is a reason you are holding onto them. Is it purely for sentimental reasons to help you recall the past? If so, ask yourself if the item is really necessary in order for you to maintain your memories?  Similarly, you might be holding onto the skates with the idea that you or someone else may want or need them in the future.  Again, ask yourself how likely this scenario is.  If you do not come up with a solid reason for keeping the item, look for ways to discard the item, whether it’s to a store that re-purposes used items, a garage sale, a donation center, or even (dare I say it) the trash.

Every item you have consumes a little bit of your energy.  When you hold onto items that don’t serve you, you have less energy for people and things that have the opportunity to serve you in your life today.  It is important to not only physically give up those items that aren’t serving you, but to truly resolve that you don’t need the item and give up the emotional and energetic ties to the object.  In some cases, taking a photo of the object, writing about it, or doing some type of ceremony may help you to let it go.

If you discard an item, but you still feel energetically tied to the item, you may want to utilize some energy techniques to complete the release of the item which will allow you to create space for your life today so that you can embrace your future.

Imagine If Coaching and Consulting, LLC can help you work to energetically release items that no longer serve you so that you can create the future of your dreams.

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