Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . We Put All Our Energy Into The Things We Love

People often put their energy into fighting against things instead of standing for things they love. You might ask, “What is the difference?” It is a matter of where you put your energy and what you attract. If you stand for something, you draw energy about that person, place, thing, or idea toward you and build on that energy. Likewise, if you fight against something, you will draw energy to that person, place, thing, or idea, effectively creating energy around the very thing you desire to eliminate.

This law of attraction is why Martin Luther King Jr. was such a powerful leader. He was against segregation and oppression; however, instead of emphasizing the negative, he emphasized and stood for his dream . . . the American Dream.   Thus, he drew energy to the cause and became a major figure in the civil rights movement.

Now, not all of us have the charisma and drive that MLK Jr. did. However, we all have the opportunity to take advantage of putting our energy into what we love. We can start with little things. If we love a clean desk, make sure it is always clean and don’t worry if other people’s desks are a mess. If we love excellent food, savor every bite of a good meal and know that if a meal is less than acceptable that you will have another good meal another day. Put effort into promoting businesses and individuals that provide value in your life instead of trying to tear down those that do not. Likewise, if you want to take up a cause, make sure to stand for something instead of fighting against something.

Each of these small acts pulls toward you the things that you desire. The more you focus on the things you really desire, the more you will find those things coming your way and the happier you will be!

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