Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

We Are All Connected: Soul Connections

Like with our physical selves, our souls are also connected.  Each of our souls  is connected to every other soul out there with some connections much stronger than others.

Each soul is believed to be part of a soul group.  These souls work together to achieve growth and happiness during their incarnation on earth.  These are the people that you may feel an instant connection to . . . perhaps you really like them or really do  not like them.  They are often the people that poke and prod you to move you along your path.

Soul connections, however, are not limited to a few souls. Instead, all souls are connected in some way. The minimal connectivity is the shared experience of living on earth in the current time. We all share thoughts and emotions throughout the universe and can feel the affects of events and emotions on other people, who are sometimes thousands of miles away.  This is why negative events in one part of the world can impact people around the globe.  The impact varies by person based on their degree of receptivity to the collective or universal consciousness.  Those most impacted are often considered empaths.

Likewise, all of our ideas are floating around in the collective consciousness.  This allows people on the opposite side of the globe to access all of the same information simultaneously.  A person in New York and a person in Tokyo might have an idea for an invention so close together that it is impossible to tell who had the idea first.  To each of them, it is an original thought and they believe it is their own.  In all likelihood, however, each discovery, invention, or new concept is in reality a little bit of many different people’s ideas – most who are never credited with the idea at all.

So, the next time you think . . . we should go out to dinner tonight . . . realize that lots of other people will have the same idea.

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