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Imagine If . . .

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We are all Connected: Even Though Unique

Previous articles explored how humans are connected through soul connections as well as DNA. But, are humans still individuals? The answer to that is a resounding “YES!”

Each person is unique and special in his or her own way, which is a great blessing to the human race. If everyone were the same, then people would be interchangeable, which wouldn’t make for a very exciting life. Society benefits from the differences between people because those differences bring us creativity, new ideas, and new perspectives.

Instead of seeing humans as connected beings where the differences between them are valued and respected, people often see only the differences, forgetting about all the similarities and connections that human beings share.  Often people focus on one or two differences that they feel make the other person the most distinct from themselves.  It could be ethnic background, life style, religion, or a host of other areas.  The world today seems to be mired in negative opinions of the differences between people.

Let’s set that aside for a moment. Consider a world where the connectivity between people is recognized and revered. In this scenario, the connectivity between people is noticed and respected. People know that they have strong bonds with every other person on earth. In this scenario, the differences become minor and fall out of the way of true communication. People are open to seeing the value that each person brings and are open to hearing views that differ from their own.

Human beings truly do have common ground on which we could build. We just don’t always recognize it. Today’s climate seems to perpetuate differences over similarities as much (or more) than ever.  Yet, as humans strive to improve the world, it is important that we remember the common ground that ties us all together.  It is through that common ground that we can have unity and truly respect the individual.

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