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Energy for a Less Stressful Holiday

The stresses of wrapping up the end of year work, holiday planning, house cleaning, decorating, shopping, hosting guests, and socializing accumulate during the holidays. As a result, people are distracted and unable to put their full focus on the present. Additionally, they may be on edge and may overreact to situations that wouldn’t normally bother them.

If you find yourself stressed during the holidays, there are some simple steps that will help you reduce your stress.

One simple way to reduce stress is to remember to breathe. This is easier said than done because there is a tendency to forget the importance of taking time to breathe when you are stressed. Consider planning breaks simply to breathe. For instance, stop once an hour and slowly take three deep breathes. Don’t make it another task on the to do list. Instead, make it time you savor.

When inhaling, bring in peace and relaxation. When exhaling, release any stress and muscle tension. Breathing will help build and maintain a balanced energy system, which will help protect you from unwelcomed stress.

Another way to alleviate some stress is to stop trying to make everything perfect. Many times perfection is in our own minds and literally no one else will notice. If there is something where getting it perfect is absorbing a lot of time and energy, ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if this isn’t perfect?” If there are no significant consequences, consider lettering go of perfection.

An added benefit of letting go of perfection is that it assists in keeping your body strong and healthy. As energetic beings, stress compromises our energy and we become vulnerable to outside forces including weakened immune systems. Accepting what is rather than trying to control every detail, will help reduce the disturbance in your energy system and help keep you energetically strong.

Another key to lowering stress is to stay focused. Your energy goes where you are focused. So, set your intent at the beginning of your day to stay focused to help you accomplish your tasks without distractions. Also, consider if you can defer some tasks at work and at home until after the holidays.

Decorating the home can’t be delayed; however, you can consider doing less. A festively decorated home helps fill people with the holiday spirit, but not if dragging everything out and putting it up drains all of your energy. If you can reduce your effort in decorating and still achieve the energy of the holiday, be selective in choosing decorations and reduce your workload.

And last, but not least, ask for help both physically and spiritually. Perhaps there is someone at work with a lesser workload that can help you with year-end work tasks. At home, consider enlisting the help of family or friends. For example, baking with a friend can be fun and you both get your task accomplished. Likewise, getting the kids involved can make new memories and new traditions.

Spiritually, you can also ask for help through your preferred higher power. If you need calm energy, ask for it. Likewise, if you need assistance, ask for it and allow it to come to you. Whether spiritually or physically, authentically show your appreciation to your helpers and recognize that this gratitude will boost the energy around you and others.

More than likely you will survive the holidays. Who knows, something unexpected (good or not so good) may happen  that will stick in people’s minds for a long time because you just let life happen. These unexpected events sometimes turn out to be the fondest of memories.

Remember . . . breathe, have fun, and enjoy!

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