Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . Your Life Path Lit Up Right in Front of You (Part 1)

As we start the new year, many of us set new goals, make resolutions and look for a new path forward. Often these goals and plans last only a short time before they are pushed to the side and we return to old habits. But, occasionally they stick. You will hear about the person who after trying a hundred diets finally found the one that works for them. Suddenly, following the diet seems natural. Often that change is followed by other changes and it is as if suddenly a new life path opens up in front of them. People who have this experience often reflect that this new life path just feels right or that it is the path they have always been trying to find.

Most of us, however, are still waiting impatiently for that pivotal moment when our life path lights up in front of us and everything suddenly becomes clear. Instead of seeing clear signs, we see lack . . . lack of direction, lack of things, lack of relationships, etc.

The desire is there for something different, but somehow it isn’t coming together no matter how hard we try. We try a different diet, a different career, or a different relationship only to continue to feel as if we are repeating the same challenges and our life is mired down without a clear direction.

This can be because of many reasons, such as, we have not really learned the lessons we need, are holding onto the past for some reason, or are driven by fear. You may wonder if it is necessary to know what is keeping you from moving forward. It isn’t always necessary to consciously know what is holding you back, but it is always necessary to clear that roadblock so that you can move forward.

So, as we start the new year, don’t put all your focus on the search for your path or what you want. Instead, spend some time contemplating where you are. What did you accomplish last year? What were your challenges? What issues are you still struggling with? Are there things you can do to bring about closure to issues so that you can move on?

Contemplate, Close, and Clear. Only then will you be ready to move forward.


More next month about the process of seeing your path . . .

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