Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . Your Life Path Lit Up Right in Front of You (Part 2)

Part 1 discussed the importance of contemplating, closing, and clearing things from our lives so that we can move forward. Part 2 focuses on the next step in moving along our life path . . . opening ourselves up to seeing the possibilities.

Many people can’t see or recognize their life path. However, sometimes the real issue is that they are expecting a particular path and when that path does not light up in front of them, they can see no path forward.

Sometimes all it takes is for a person to step back and look at the goal or desire. Have they created a very specific detailed goal that allows for one and only one path? If so, it is time to step back, restate the desire and open up to the possibilities.

Other times the issue is that the desire has not been clearly stated. It is important to state our intent with clarity regarding the “what,” but without stating the “how.” For instance, it could be enough to know that we want to be financially independent. If, however, a person states their intent as “I intend to be an executive at XYZ corporation” because they know that job will make them financially independent, they have made the intent too specific. In this case, they will not have created an opening to be an executive with any other company or to have a company of their own.

Other times people believe that they don’t know what they want. Often this is the result of trying to get into the details. A person might say, “I think I might want to be a massage therapist or a hair stylist. However, I am not sure which one is right for me.” They truly aren’t sure. In this case, they need to look beyond the job to what it is they really want. Maybe they want to help people feel better about themselves or just feel better in general. Perhaps they are looking to work with their hands. It is important to find the core outcome that they want and state the intent in those terms.

Consider, clarify, and convey your intent. It is only then that the possibilities will open up in front of you.

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