Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . Your Life Path Lit Up Right in Front of You and You Weren’t Paying Attention

(Part 3 of Imagine If . . . Your Life Path Lit Up Right in Front of you)

Part 1 discussed the importance of contemplating, closing, and clearing things from our lives so that we can move forward. Part 2 focused on considering, clarifying, and conveying our intent so we can open ourselves up to seeing the possibilities. This installment discusses the importance of noticing and connecting the messages that the Universe sends your way.

As stated previously, many people can’t see or recognize their life path. A very important key to seeing one’s path is being aware and paying attention to what the Universe is sending your way. That said, the messages from the universe are not always simple to decipher.

As you search for clues to your life path or other pressing questions you may have, the Universe may be simultaneously saying, “How many times do I need to hit you over the head with a 2×4 before you see what is right in front of you?”

A key to understanding the messages the Universe is sending you is paying attention. This may seem simple and you may feel that you are paying attention. However, messages can be subtle and indirect. For instance, if you notice yourself in several similar situations, you might ask yourself, “What is in common between the situations?” Or, you might ask, “Why am I drawing these situations into my life?”

Similarly, you may find yourself saying the same thing to people over and over. For instance, the authors of this article found themselves telling clients and others, “That message may simply be telling you to pay attention.” They also found themselves discussing how people do not pay attention to details (E.g. How many people saw that dish with burnt bacon on top of it before it was served and still allowed it to be served?). We instantaneously realized new relationships between our interests, things we had experienced over the years, and messages we had been giving to others. Unknowingly, we had been tuned into the need to pay attention and the consequences of not doing so for years.

So, take a look at your life. What things show up over and over? What phrases or statements do you find yourself saying a lot? Are there connections between these things? Perhaps there are connections or parallels that you have never considered. The answer may have been in front of you all along. Once you see it, you will say, “Of course, that is so obvious.”

We will be hosting a class later in the spring where we will discuss techniques that will help you notice and decipher messages from the Universe.

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