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Imagine If . . .

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Your Story

Each of us is a unique being having a unique life experience. Thus, each of us has exclusive rights to our individual story.   Although some people share their stories more vocally than others, each and every person’s story is worth sharing.

Our stories reflect how we see ourselves and convey messages to others about who we are. Those messages in return attract things into our lives. Thus, it is important to listen to the messages we send out to other people and the universe.

The following example is the tale of two women, Samantha and Lucy, who were both caught in a tornado. Their homes were destroyed and both survived with only minor injuries having sought shelter in the basement of their respective homes. You might think that they have the same story to tell and in part they do. However, how they tell their story and how it impacted their lives, makes the stories vastly different.

As Lucy tells the story, she tells about how she was busy planting her garden when she noticed that it was looking stormy in the west. She had checked the Internet and found out the area was under a tornado watch. So, she turned on the TV to keep tabs on the weather as she worked around the house and gathered a few special items to take with her to the basement. When the warning was given, she headed to the safest spot in the basement. It seemed to last an eternity, but she also recognizes it couldn’t really have been that long. She tells how after the tornado passed she tried to free herself from the debris that had come from her collapsed house, but she couldn’t. So, she shouted when she heard sounds and her neighbors were able to rescue her after several hours. She views herself as fortunate to have escaped with her life. She has some cuts and bruises, but they will heal. There are a few special items whose loss she mourns, but otherwise she views her house and the items that were in it as replaceable or unnecessary.

Samantha on the other hand, tells a different story. She had been doing dishes when she saw the clouds rolling in. She tells how ominous they were and how she knew there was something terrible brewing. She accounts for every minute and how scared she was throughout the entire ordeal. She just knew that the storm was going to hit her house, but she didn’t know anywhere else to go. She had made a hundred trips to the basement grabbing everything she could and carrying it down to the lower level. As she describes each item, she tells how much it meant to her and how it didn’t survive despite her efforts. She is visibly shaken as she talks about item after item that is now lost forever. As she discusses her experience being trapped, she talks about how she was sure that she would suffocate under the debris. She couldn’t even attempt to move as she was paralyzed with fear. She had gotten out with the help of neighbors although she didn’t know what had taken them so long to reach her. It is because of this wait that she is sure the experience will haunt her the rest of her life. Although she, too, has cuts and bruises, she talks about how much they hurt, how they seem to never want to heal, and that she is sure there is underlying damage to her body that she will never overcome.

The same thing happened to Lucy and Samantha; however, they have two vastly different stories. How they responded in the moment and afterward distinguish them as unique. Samantha’s story would not work for Lucy and Lucy’s story would not work for Samantha.

As we read each story, we may find ourselves inspired, fearful, feeling pity, or feeling some other emotion. Some people may view Lucy as strong and determined, while others may say that she is in denial. Likewise, some may see Samantha as a victim of a great tragedy while others may say that she is over dramatizing the event.

Our reaction to their stories says more about us than it does them. However, how Lucy and Samantha communicate their stories impacts the emotions and thoughts of people around them. These messages will also play a part in what Lucy and Samantha attract into their lives.

It is important to consciously recognize the story you are telling yourself, others, and the universe. Realize that it is up to you to write the next chapter in your life. What is your story going to be?

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  1. Really impressive example of the power of perception and how life treats us like we treat it.
    Thank you!


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