Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . You Were Completely Tuned In To The Universe

People are bombarded with stimuli throughout our day. As humans, we can’t possibly consciously process all of it, so our minds automatically ignore most of it. However, occasionally something pops up demanding to be noticed even if for only a few seconds. It may be a number, name, word, song, or something else.

Even with this demand to be noticed, some people will disregard the information while others will take note and ask themselves, “Why did I notice that?”

Now imagine a world where you were completely tuned into these signs that the universe is sending you. What if you noticed them all the time? What if you actually understood the meaning of them automatically?

It would be amazing if every sign was as simple and easy to understand as the situation where you are thinking of a loved one and that person’s favorite song comes on the radio. In that case, you may quickly assume that it is your loved one’s way of saying “hello.”

If each synchronous event had an obvious meaning and we knew the action to take with regard to those events, our lives would just flow like a mountain stream in springtime!
Noticing these pieces of information is the first step in tuning into the messages the universe has for you. What if there are hundreds of signs around you every day that go unchecked? Not to worry. The universe is stubborn and continues delivering signs with the expectation that you will eventually notice the sign, identify the meaning, and take the appropriate action.

Check out our class Synchronicity and Signs to learn more about receiving and interpreting signs.

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