Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine If . . . People Believed Anything Was Possible

Can you imagine what the world would be like if people truly believed that anything is possible? The strides that would be made in health, technology, and peace would truly astound us all if we believed anything was possible AND we focused on positive outcomes.

When I think of health, I see truly preventative medicine with massage, physical therapy, and other energy work as staples in our lives. I also see cures and solutions instead of pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms, which is what most medications do today.

I see a world that goes much slower without all the rush. I see people far less stressed than they are today and mental health issues on a decline.

I see people getting away from desks and spending time in nature. I see foods that are natural with far fewer ingredients that have 20 character chemical names. I see natural exercise instead of forced efforts.

I see a whole new understanding of education, where students are taught in the way that they learn best and where they are encouraged to think about concepts and real world implementations instead of regurgitating information. In these schools, students use technology; have interactions with students and teachers; and have a balance of physical and mental activities.

I see technology assisting us in our lives, but not taking over our lives and driving us to distraction. I see a way to have true listening and true conversation, leading to compromise and improved solutions for our world.

I see people living and working together harmoniously where everyone is focused on the betterment of our world – our universe.

What do you see?

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