Imagine If . . .

Imagine If . . .

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine if … You Felt In Complete Control

Have you ever felt like you were on cruise control riding down the highway of life never quite sure of where you were going? The demands and stresses of everyday life are so overwhelming that you just don’t even consider where you are headed. And, even if you try, you just never quite feel in control.

You may intuitively know that the path you are on isn’t the right one for you. Your heart knows there has to be something better. You may even encounter opportunities to change paths. However, they go unnoticed because you are blindly allowing the world around you to steer you at will, determining both where you are going and how you will get there.

In the stress filled world, you may struggle to be connected with yourselves almost as often as you struggle to connect with others. Without a connection to your true self you cannot expect to know what you really want or expect that the Universe will deliver your true desires. As such, you may find yourself meandering through life without intent beyond living day to day. You may give little thought to what lies on the road ahead of you or only consider it briefly.

This can be true even if you think you have well-defined goals and ambitions. The reason is that you end up focusing all of your energy on your goals and you forget to look at the bigger picture. You just see far enough down the road to meet the next goal, ignoring side effects of following that path. You may even find yourself really unhappy when you meet a goal. The feeling you get when you meet the goal just isn’t what you expected and you may not even recognize why you feel this way.

In this case, you have met goals, but the destination wasn’t really fully understood. Therefore, you may not have really known where you were headed as you cruised down a path that you had come to believe would make you successful and happy. However, it wasn’t a path to where you really wanted to go.

If you are ready to feel more joy in life, it is time to get in the driver’s seat. Head toward a well-defined destination and take deliberate steps along an intended path. Although being content on your current path may be the most comfortable and seemingly easiest path, consciously identifying your desired destination is much more empowering.

You may be uncomfortable for a time, but in the long run determining where you are going, defining the path you will take to get there, and taking steps towards your desired destination will lead to far more happiness.

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